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Welcome to Skhumbuzo Foundation


The name Shkumbuzo is of Zulu origin and means “Remember”.

“The name Skhumbuzo describes a memory or a particular event that affected everyone in a family leading up to the person’s birth. The name may be a tribe to someone else’s memory who lived before the name bearer was born”.

Who we are?

Skhumbuzo Foundation is a South African, Cape Town-based non-profit company that assists children with learning difficulties, with the main focus on children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Skhumbuzo Foundation empowers families and schools to embrace children with ADHD and other learning difficulties and gives them the tools to assist learners at home and in the classroom. “We help children remain focused in the classroom and during their exams by offering them the assistance that they need to thrive,” says Skhumbuzo Foundation founder Oscar Gordon-Smit.

Main objective

Skhumbuzo Foundation is a non-profit company with a comprehensive vision for children living with learning difficulties. Our main objective is to equip and guide schools located mainly in the Cape Flats region of the Western Cape to introduce and implement appropriate strategies and systems to support learners with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning difficulties. Without limiting the general nature thereof, the Main Objective shall include:

◦ Developing guidelines, resources and services aimed at helping schools and parents to meet the needs of learners.
◦ Promoting a more inclusive model of education at schools that recognises the broader context within which learning can flourish.
◦ Investigating and introducing practical educational strategies to support learners with ADHD and other learning difficulties
Facilitating improved teacher knowledge of ADHD and other learning difficulties to improve the educational environment and enhance academic performance.

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